Super Cape for a Super Kid


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My friend is mother to one of my favorite children. She is a fascinating girl with varied interests. Her perception of the world often opens my eyes to other viewpoints. From here on, I’ll call her Sassybritches. As her name implies she has quite a bit to say, sometimes making her mom very uncomfortable, but to my great enjoyment. Sassybritches likes the Princesses, but prefers the Rescue Heroes. In her wild imagination, she would love to be a super hero herself. What I love about her love of super heroes is that she doesn’t really care about the gender differences. For her, she can just as easily be Batman as Wonder Woman. Sassybritches had a very special birthday coming up, she was born on the 6th and was about to turn 6 years old.   I came across a cape tutorial on Pinterest and knew right then that Sassy needed this cape.

The pattern was for a lined cape. I made a few adjustments to it. Instead of lining it, I chose to make it reversible. Sassybritches is a girl and as such she has the prerogative to change her mind. One side of the cape is blue with a lightening bolt and the other is red with a star.  I embroidered the cape using a Brother embroidery machine. I also changed the velcro closure to a button closure. I think the buttons look way cuter and more finished than velcro. Also, Sassybritches is 6 and can handle the buttons easily. However, I have been told that she doesn’t use the buttons at all and just pulls it over her head.  I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, I did just explain that she’s opinionated. I think the cape was a great success. I am very proud of the end result (it looks much better on her than it does on my floor). It was very easy to make and if you are thinking about it I would encourage you to do it.


Solar Mason Jars for Deck


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I have been thinking about lighting my deck for evenings.  I didn’t want anything too bright, just enough light to see the edges and not run into anything.  When sitting outside at night with my husband, it just feels more romantic when the light is low, mood lighting than as bright as a daylight.  I didn’t want to go the rope light route, because I didn’t want to deal with timers or any lighting that needs to be plugged in.  I really like solar lights, but the strings are very short and I didn’t want to mount a lot of panels.

One day browsing pinterest,  I came across this tutorial from Creative Cain Cabin. I thought, YES!, this is exactly right.  Mason jars with solar path lights hot glued to the top.  Mason jars would fit between the slats, be off the ground, no mounting of solar panels, and emit enough light to keep me from running into the rails. Later I may tint them with glass paint, but for now I am enjoying the clear glass.  Here is the result, let me know what you think.

Daytime: (the twine is to prevent the neighborhood cat from knocking them off the deck)

At Night:


First post


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This is my first blog post. I dabble in many types of crafts and projects.  I plan to post the various crafts and other projects that I complete or at least attempt.  I will try to credit all the sources that I use or that inspired me.  This blog is also an experimental project. Hopefully, I will post regularly (at least once a week) and be interesting.  So, welcome to my meanderings and thank you for your patience.